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Do You Have Solar Tracker Pole Mounts

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:43 am
by admin
>> Hello, Do you have a pole mount solar that tracks the sun. What is the dimensions
>> of this panel array?

I do have a tracker but they only go to 10 panels, 30% more yield but easily 30% more expensive.

Since the price has pushed down about 2 years ago it became less cost effective to have a tracker than to just add 30% more panels and have a fixed array. You can rotate, and you can tilt. Rotate is never a good idea but tilt is great about 3 times a year I go tilt them flatter in summer, steeper in winter. Pull 1 bolt and adjust to next home, put the bolt back in, all there is to it. I can sell you either, but the fixed arrays are the way to go nowadays. Better deal for the money and more reliable after the sale.