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The 30% Wind + Solar Tax Credit Ends in 2014?

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 4:08 am
by admin
>> I was under the impression the tax credit is available until
>> 2016. Is this incorrect?

Hi Brad, Are you are aware that the republicans will control the senate and house both come January. They are expected to gut these programs before they sunset at 2016. Many Americans are jumping now rather than see the tax benefit disappear.

Yes, the republican party are so ignorant that they think this tax credit is about global warming. Its actually Bush's tax credit program started by republicans. It remains the only single TRUE INCENTIVE for green energy. That's because everything the democrats came up with was constructed with added regulation, waste, regulation, and such.

Its sad but true that the republican party has no clue that every person buying wind and solar are conservatives and not liberals..? There's nothing more conservative than taking your energy into your own hands and freeing yourself from the monopoly utility/government partnership. Oh well, yes, get it while its still available and don't delay or it will likely be ended early.