Will RoofMills do a Months Worth of Electric in One Hour?

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Will RoofMills do a Months Worth of Electric in One Hour?

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>> I'm having trouble applying this in real life.... OK, If the turbines
>> alone produce 6.2kwh per hour, at full capacity, that's 148.8kwh in
>> 24 hours. If I'm using 1440 as my 30 day usage, that is rounded
>> up at 50kwh per day, (about 2 per hour). If I have this right, the
>> turbine system alone is producing, rounded up, 150kwh or 3
>> times what I need. Is that right?

No because it is not sunny at night and it is not windy all day every day. AND it is not usually sunny when it is most windy. You are calculating on unrealistic weather and wind/sun resources.

This system will be more like 50 to 75% of your electric bill most likely. But we have to consider all the variable factors to see how good it might do on your site.

>> Are you saying that the system would produce almost a month's
>> worth of power in just one hour? In other words if I used 1440 KWH
>> in my 30 day billing cycle, your system would produce that
>> in just one hour?

No, you are confusing a kilowatt KW, with a kilowatt hour kwH. The system has a max potential of 6200 watts, that's 6.2KW kilowatts. If it ran at FULL CAPACITY for an hour, that would be 6.2kwH.. 6.2kw for an hour is 6.2kwh kilowatt hours.

you have kilowatts = a thousand watts, then kilowatt HOURS = 1000 watts sustained for an hour of time. The kwH kilowatt Hour is how we buy elerctric. The kilowatt is more an expression of potential of a device to use or produce power.
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