Can You Come Do A Site Visit to Sell Solar?

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Can You Come Do A Site Visit to Sell Solar?

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>> Hi Sam, I will really need you to come and speak with our clients
>> directly. Are you able to send someone to our office in Cohasset, MA?

Hi Susan, I am in Hilliard Ohio and sell and service from here. These are easy to install system kits and any contractor or electrician can install the kits easily. We have up to 20 installations going at any time and so I have to stay put and support all the installs to be sure they get running and installed. There's so many customers, dealers, and installers to support by video, email, documentation, and phone.

We rely on our local dealers to do the local show & tell and demo stuff. Most dealers either become an installer or have a ready source to get systems installed locally. I will support and train any local electrician or builder to install your system. I can easily support and direct the install from here like I do every day. Thanks, Samuel H.
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