Planning New Construction for Wind/Solar panels

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Planning New Construction for Wind/Solar panels

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>> I am starting the foundation on my house this week. I am
>> trying to have an understanding of how to set up the meter,
>> transfer switch, battery location, size conduits, etc.

>> My house is 4000 square foot. I will be putting a 300amp
>> service on it. It will be a very energy efficient house. With LED
>> lights, 1- 5ton Air conditioner, spray foam. There will be a
>> shop and a pool.

>> I am an electrical contractor, but I have never messed with this
>> before. I would like to eventually be self sufficient with batteries
>> but also be tied to the grid.

It all retrofits on any home nicely. All you need is an open breaker space in the main panel to tie in the green system which will flow power into the panel and out to the meter. Most systems size will use a 60A 240 breaker and it goes up from there to whatever size you design.

If you go with battery back-up power which is a much better featured system, you create a sub panel with your most critical loads like well water, furnace blower and thermostat, sump pumps, communication, and emergency lighting.

Even all that is easy to do retrofit nicely with a sub panel next to the main.

Biggest concern at this point to me would be lots of south facing roof space with very little obstructions like pipes dormers etc. and to look at the peak direction VS most common wind direction for the location.
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