What Are Finance Rates for EZ-Power Solar Financing?

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What Are Finance Rates for EZ-Power Solar Financing?

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Best thing is that as a title 1 loan, the interest could be deducted on your taxes, lots of people are doing that as it is offsetting the cost of financing. Same on a home equity loan.

There are many options available from the full service bank we use. Most are Standard home improvement rates, just depends on the credit and what type of deal they can do for you. Most are going FHA Title 1 home improvement loans.

All that is between you and the finance guy to work out based on your credit. It's all competitive rates and they also change all the time so I couldn't post that if I did know.

I'll send you a quote and then you can follow up with the bank and ask them all these questions. If you are qualified and approved we can dig deep into the sales consultation to close a deal and answer all your hardware and installation questions at that time.
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