Off Grid System, What Happens With Excess Power?

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Off Grid System, What Happens With Excess Power?

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When you run one of our Grid Tie Systems the excess power gets run back to the utility, running your meter backwards, crediting your account with the utility for that power. It's like you are storing energy. Thus your bill is reduced by replacing utility energy with your own, or your credited energy.

Since you have no grid to push power out to, there's nowhere for excess power to go.

When it's full, battery bank is topped off, and there's nowhere to go with the power, then it will dump load the excess energy and brake the turbines some. These are overcharge protections and there are several layers of this safety in the system, Charge Limiting, Dump Loading, Turbine Braking by Electromagnetic Braking.

If you are chronically able to make more than is being used, you may look at getting a 24v water heating element. Set up its own controller to bleed power to hot water load. Tune the voltage on it to kick off like 1/2v before the dump loads. Then when system is full it will help heat the water for the home.

Probably cost about $200 for the right controller and heating element. Or if you have a well, an air pump to circulate in the well, or simple outdoor lighting to just kick on and use the excess. Many options to use excess load as needed. These are options of how to use excess energy in a different way.

The dump load will make some heat in winter and as it is where it is will probably prove helpful to keep battery area from getting too overly cold. Although It will not be verry noticeable, it will help some. So most installations do not employ the hot water option because in winter the dump loads keep a battery area from getting too cold.

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