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CSharp   (4 Years Ago)
Crosman's website claims the 1377 is known as the PC77 in some markets and Pyramydair sells the PC77 as more or less a black version of the 1377. Re: differences--there's this post/thread: network54(dot)com(slash)Forum(slash)79537(slash)thread(slash)1280960541(slash)New+Crosman+Model
BigBoreHunter   (4 Years Ago)
I have the PC77 (got it at walmart for $60) and the grips are brown. The PC77 with the black grips is actually called the PC77B. I will try to upload some hunting vids and a detailed review soon, right now I only have a quick vid of it on my channel.
p0pgunp00h   (4 Years Ago)
@cogtooth Thanks a bunch cogtooth ;) Yeah, Im not really sure what the difference between the 1377 and the PC77 other than the black furniture on mines. But I agree, I would definitely like a nice wooden handle and pump arm.